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The Truth About Casino Betting Strategies

First of all, it has to be said that most casino games are about luck, which I think everyone is aware of. The dice or the roulette ball do not take into account past events, so they can be repeated dozens of times in a row, to the despair of some. Therefore, the efficiency of some strategies here is diminished compared to that possible in sports betting, for example.

The big mistake of the players is that they rely on the fact that, after a few repetitions of a color, taking the example of roulette, the ball can not fall on the opposite color. If that were true, then the game of roulette would be much simpler. Unfortunately, as I said above, a certain event can happen several times in a row, you have no trace of control over it.

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However, knowing and assuming all this information, what would be the most profitable strategy? The truth about casino betting strategies, as in sports betting dragon lotto or in any other field, it is all risky. But at the casino, it seems more than anywhere else. The best known and most used strategy, at least in Romania, is Martingale, its principle being to double the stake every time you suffer a loss. However, due to the total lack of control, this strategy can prove bankrupt, sooner or later, no matter how big the amount of money you have. Let’s say you start at 10 lei. In case of five consecutive losses you will spend 310 lei. The next bet will be 320 lei, according to the strategy. If it is a winner, you will have a profit of only 10 lei. On the other hand, if there are two or three more losses, the risks will become very high. So, this method is not worth trying at the casino, in my opinion.

Another tempting system would be the so-called “cancellation” system. His goal is to win a certain number of units in a game where the chances of winning are 50%. The player must decide how much a unit is, but also how many units he is willing to risk. Place 10 betting units on a piece of paper. For each bet, add the sum between the number on the right and the number on the left. If you win, delete both numbers; otherwise add the lost amount to the right of the string. Theoretically, by deleting two numbers in case of a win 12 Joker and adding only one, you will be able to delete all the remaining numbers relatively quickly and you will be profitable.

These and other strategies can pay off in the short term. Casino betting strategies are unlikely to have positive and long-term results. And when I say long-term, I mean more than 10,000 attempts. Be careful, not consecutive attempts. If we talk about these, bankruptcy will lurk after 1,000 attempts or maybe even earlier, depending on the amount you are willing to risk.

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